Jul 1st Scheduled System Upgrades.

Dear Customer, We are informing all customers about Scheduled Upgrades on the Hardware Node over the next 7 days (1/7/14 - 7/7/14). Please note, it is advised that all customers take a recent backup of their data. We cannot be held responsible for loss of data or service during the Upgrade process. Our provocative is to cause a minimum disruption ... Read More »

Feb 25th System Upgrades Complete!

Dear ZonedHost Customers; Great News! Our server upgrades and account migrations are now all complete. Hopefully for the majority of our customers the migration has been a slick and smooth process with very little effect upon normal service. The instant improvements are clear for all to see with fast page loading speeds due to the hardware and ... Read More »

Feb 13th System Upgrades (13-14/02/14)

Dear Customers; We here at ZonedHost are continuing to expand and grow as a business all of the time. In order to continue to offer the greatest possible service, we need to continually upgrade our hardware and network facilities. The time has come to undertake a series of upgrades over the coming weeks. We will be upgrading the Shared Hosting ... Read More »

Oct 24th New Pricing/Account Limits

We here at ZonedHost are pleased to announce a new change for the better. An update to our current pricing/account limits for Shared Hosting services. Unlike the majority of our bills during the current global economic downfall, which are increasing, we are here to help out in every way possible. We have re-structured the Shared Hosting package ... Read More »

Apr 2nd Report On Server Downtime (1/4/2012)

A full report on the reasons and the times involved in downtime are being emailed out to all customers.


Sep 12th ZonedHost.com - Server Migration Complete!

Dear All,

The server migration is now complete, and the old server will be closing within the coming days. Please make sure that your sites are all fully working incase your account needs to be copied again from the old server.


The ZonedHost Team

Feb 21st Server Upgrades / Recent Downtime

Dear ZonedHost Members,   Recent downtime has occured that is out of our control due to issues at our Datacentre located in North America. However, some of the downtime was planned due to further server upgrades! The server which your services are hosted on has just doubled its CPU, RAM, and RAID controller, giving you much much faster page ... Read More »

May 30th Server Upgrades (30/5/2010)

Server Upgrades Compelete: Upgrade to latest cPanel Rev 11.25.0; PHP Upgraded to Latest Rev 5.3.1 (User Scripts May Need Upgrading); Improved Page Load Speeds Due To Upgrades.


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